Simple Ways to Prevent Breakouts Before Your Period

Why do we have acne and breakouts before our periods?

Unfortunately, that time of the month is full of hormonal fluctuations that stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin so that they secrete more oil. The more oil that your skin produces overall, the greater the possibility that acne and breakouts will occur. It is difficult to minimize these breakouts completely, but you can work to balance your skin to keep menstrual acne under control.

What should you do?
  1. When it comes to preventing period acne, keep in mind that the first 20 to 25 days of your menstrual cycle, post ovulation, pose a problem for your skin. Your skin will start to produce excess oil to protect and smooth the outer layers of the complexion. During these days, it is very important to keep your skin clean to prevent clogged pores and inflammation. Try to cut back on sweets and other foods that may stimulate your skin to produce more oil. Focus on eating foods that are high in protein, like liver, fish, and whole fruits and vegetables to cleanse your system.
  2. In days 26 to 28 of your menstrual cycle, premenstrual acne is a reality. In this time, you will often experience mood swings since your psychological state is somewhat unstable due to PMS. Take the time to pamper yourself using massages, facial masks, and other beauty procedures to offer comfort and relaxation to reduce stress. We all know that stress can easily irritate and exacerbate any breakouts!
  3. During your period, it is important not to visit saunas, get a massage, or undergo any skin cleansing procedures, which include deep peeling. Since your skin is more sensitive at this time, many of procedures can lead to scars or inflammation. Take the time of your menstrual cycle to let your skin rest, and don’t even use facial masks. It is best not to experiment with any beauty products during this time since the skin will be very sensitive, and it is difficult to know how it will react.
  4. Last of all, abstain from using very harsh acne fighting products before and during your period. Your skin during your menstrual cycle is very sensitive and prone to irritation, so it is important not to use harsh products that could only worsen the situation.

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