Softlips 100% Natural Lip Care Line Review

I’d like to point out that I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All the opinions and thoughts contained in this post are purely my own. Nicole from The Mentholatum Company, marketer of the USDA-certified organic Softlips lip care line, was so lovely, that send one package of lip care line products of 3 lip glosses, 3 lip tints, lip butter and lip polish to me for review. She also agreed to provide products for our giveaway. So be sure that you have read this post until the end to find out how to become the happy winner of a Softlips kit.

Natural Softlips line comes in three sexy shades

Softlips 100% Natural Lip Care Line Review

Currently, Softlips 100% pure natural line comes in three sexy shades Shell Pink, Natural Honesty and Coral Charm, providing sheer color options to compliment all skin complexions. These three colors come in a lip gloss and a lip tint. The lip gloss provides glossy color with high shine, while the lip tint provides more of a matte shade. In the pictures that you see above, I’m wearing the lip tints. Anyway no matter which of these product you use, they will definitely look really charming on your lips!

The Softlips products are all about, curiously enough, making your lips soft! My lips feel very moisturized. These products also really help wind burned lips, which I get a lot in the autumn.

The most pleasant thing about these lip products is that I have found that I haven’t needed to reapply them very often. Both the lip tint and the lip gloss stay on your lips for quite a long time, (of course, be sure not to lick the tint or gloss off first, as the smell may seduce you to do so).

I can’t tell you exactly how long this product will stay on your lips. However, I can say that a light film of the product even stayed on my lips after having a nourishing dinner.

SPF protection. I also am thrilled that all the Softlips products contain SPF 15 protection. Sun protection is provided with the help of zinc oxide, which is a common ingredient in natural sun protection products.

Smell. The smell of all these glosses and tints is approximately the same and reminds me of fruit chewing gum, so I sometimes can’t help licking it off! But this isn’t quite as scary as it may first sound, because if even I eat the lip tints and lip glosses I wont be transferred to the hospital for chemical poisoning. After all, these little pretty things are all made of only natural ingredients.

Natural Lip Butter

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