An Essential Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is also know as “karite” in some countries. This slightly yellowish or ivory colored natural fat is extracted from the seed of the African Shea tree. To be more specific, Shea butter is created from the dried kernels of Shea fruits, which are then shredded and pounded until they are in the form of powder. Then this substance is boiled in water until it is smooth and green.

Refined or unrefined shea butter?

Shea butter can be refined or unrefined. The unrefined state is the absolutely pure and natural form that is made in the traditional way, without the use of solvents and chemical preservatives. Unrefined Shea butter has light brownish or greenish tint. It still contains all the beneficial properties from the fruit.

Refined butter is creating by heating, bleaching, or filtering with the use of various chemicals, the result is the partial destruction or loss of the original nutrients of the product. So you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that beautiful white color refined butter is less effective then the unrefined Shea butter with a less attractive exterior.

Be careful, because what is usually sold in cosmetic shops is refined butter. It will not harm you. However, if you want to get all the benefits from Shea butter, buy it unrefined, The benefits of Shea butter in its natural state are amazing.

Essential Benefits of Shea Butter for your Skin.

As we already learned, unrefined Shea butter is the most beneficial. So in this article, we will focus on uses for unrefined Shea butter.

Top 10 Shea butter usages in skin care

  1. An Essential Benefits of Shea Butter

    Treats flabby skin and prevent wrinkles

  2. Activates the synthesis of collagen
  3. Has protective and regenerative effects, including protection from UV radiation
  4. Softens cracked skin
  5. Has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Treats dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wounds and bruises
  7. Protects against external influences (cold, heat, sunlight …)
  8. Helps restore dry and flaky skin after a sunburn. (In Africa, Shea butter is using for calming skin after burns.)
  9. Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
  10. Great source of vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps in renewal and regeneration of cells, rejuvenates the skin, effectively nourishes and soothes dry, rough, wrinkled, and/or pimpled skin. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, slows aging, and reduces the probability of occurrence of cancer cells.

Despite the fact that Shea is pretty fatty, it does not contain any vegetable oils. As a result, it does not leave an unpleasant fatty film on the skin.

Shea butter can be used in its pure form or in conjunction with other ingredients. I have had great success in creating creams with a shea butter base. You can find more information about my experiments in the Report from DIY skin cream workshop.

Where to Buy Shea Butter?

You can buy Shea butter through an online herbal store that has fabulous quality unrefined Shea butter. What is even better is that they have it in different quantities from 4 oz to 8 lb. So if you are not sure whether Shea butter is will be perfect for you, just order a 4 oz pack just for 4$ for the first time. However, I’m sure you find a great use for it in your daily skin care routine. Click here to check if it is available.

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