5 Secrets on How to Clear Sudden Acne Breakouts Quickly

Over the past week i was the “dessert and candy junkie” (I know it’s bad, especially for my acne prone skin, but I couldn’t done anything with myself) and the result didn’t take long, my face now is fool of nasty red pimples. So I decided to share with you my usual methods of fighting with my pimples.

Step 1. Limit The Sugar

It is obvious but the first thing i should do now is to give up eating sugar containing products, at least get used to eating a lot less of them.

Step 2. Chamomile Ice Cubes

I already made chamomile ice cubes, they are really effective in taking out redness from my pimples.

Make chamomile ice cubes is very easy. Prepare chamomile tea, take 1 tablespoon of chamomile herbs fill with 100 ml. of water, steam for 20 minutes. Fill pre-filled ice bag, with prepared tea and freeze. Wipe your face every morning with the cube.

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Step 3. Green Clay Mask With Cucumber

Green clay has strong absorbent properties it draws out impurities and toxins from the skin. It also tighten pores, exfoliates dead and problem skin, reveal a smoother, fresher complexion and heal blemishes.

Here is the recipe of highly effective treatment from acne breakouts. Mix 1 teaspoon of green clay with one grate cucumber or lemon and you will receive an amazing mask which will help your skin to fight pimples.

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Step 4. Use Lemon as a Toner

Lemon is a very powerful and effective natural remedy found in your kitchen, because it has great astringent and cleansing properties moreover it reduces redness of your pimples.

Cut the lemon in half and rub in on your face, wash it off 10 minutes later. Use in the evening, before applying a moisturizer.

Step 5. Homemade Facial Cream from Pimples

My previous homemade facial cream for pimple was based on beeswax and it turned out to be very thick so i decided to make other cream based on lanolin so I could receive more gentle consistency. This recipe is here.

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