What is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol is the same as floral water or distillate. It is collected after a plant has been distilled to manufacture essential oils. Sometimes the amount of oil that is produced is so small that the entire process is conducted with only the purpose of extracting hydrosol, and any essential oil will be considered as a secondary product.

Hydrosol provides wonderful therapeutic and skin care benefits, and it is much gentler than essential oils so that it can be used on children, the elderly, or those with illnesses. Hydrosols can be used with essential oils or as a substitute by applying directly to the surface of the skin.

Hydrosols are often beneficial to be used to treat eczema in an oily cream to alleviate pain and irritation. In this case, hydrosols like chamomile or melissa would be used. These ingredients are often added to aerosol sprays or a bath for the purpose of inhalation. The most popular types of hydrosols, or flower waters, are rose water and lavender, and there are many more suitable hydrosols for everyday use, like eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, and chamomile.

Last of all, gidrosols normally contains a small amount of essential oils and water soluble plant extracts, which an essential oil does not contain. For this reason, hydrosol properties are not the same as essential oil properties, but they are quite similar. It is best to choose a hydrosol that follows what you know about an appropriate essential oil as a topical and therapeutic skin care ingredient for a number of treatment purposes!

You can buy hydrosols from online herbal store or you can easily make organic hydrosol at home in your kitchen. See my step by step guide.

Step 1

What is Hydrosol?
Put an enamel pot on the stove and pour in herbs in the bottom of the pot. Pour enough water into the pot so that the water comes to just below the herbs

Ste 2

What is Hydrosol?

Put a little bowl on top of the herbs inside the pot. Bowl should be sterilized with boiling water or spirit.

Step 3

What is Hydrosol?

Put the lid upside downward on the pot, so that the top of the lid is pointing down into the inside of the pot bowl.

Step 4

What is Hydrosol?

Wrap the pot with foil, to not let the melted ice water drip into the bowl

Step 5

What is Hydrosol?

Empty ice trays full of ice or take something really cold and put into the inverted lid that is on top of the pot. Turn the stove on low and wait for 10 – 15 minutes

Step 6

What is Hydrosol?

Take the liquid that has settled into the bowl and put it into a sterilized jar or a spray bottle. You now have an herbal hydrosol!

Herbal hydrosols are stable for 8 to 12 month if you care them in a fridge and if the jar was properly sterilized.

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