How to Get Rid of White Bumps Under Your Eyes?

Recently I received a question from our guest Courtney:

Q: How do you get rid of those bumps under the eyes. i think there large clogged pores, and i had them for awhile now. i tried everything. but nothing works.

A: If you have noticed white bumps underneath your eyes, you may be wondering what the best course of treatment is. These bumps can often become unsightly, and they also make it difficult to conceal with makeup.

The white bumps underneath your eyes are actually called milia, otherwise known as oil seeds or milk spots. These spots are benign cysts filled with keratin, often found on the roof of the mouth or underneath the eye area. The best way to get rid of milia underneath the eye area is to understand that the small bumps are actually trapped underneath the skin. This means that you can’t extract them yourself, though they can be extracted in a professional dermatologist treatment. If you do attempt to extract the bumps yourself, it does involve risk and damage the delicate under eye area.

Your best course of action will be to ensure that the milia is not a sign of any underlying illness or issues within your body. It is recommended to consult with a specialist about the small bumps to make sure that they are not related to any health problems.

If you do decide to remove the bumps yourself, it is important to apply a warm and damp cloth to the area for several minutes. From there, use a sterile needle, either boiled or sterilized with alcohol, to puncture the center of the white bump to create a small opening in the skin. Wrap your thumbs with clean tissue, and gently squeeze the white bump out of the skin. Make sure to cleanse the area afterward thoroughly with astringent.

The best method for preventing these bumps is to use eye creams that do not contain irritating ingredients, as well as sunscreen products without chemical and synthetic ingredients.

P.S. I hope I answered your question Courtney, if you have more to ask don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.