Natural Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin

* 1 cup of plain instant oatmealNatural Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin
* 2 squirts of honey
* ½ cup lemon juice
* 1 squirt of rubbing alcohol
* 1 tablespoon of tomato juice

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and apply to the face, leave on for 5 minutes, wash off. It helps lighten the appearance of bright red pimples, eliminate blackheads, prevent future breakouts/blackheads, and smooths the skin while ridding of excess oils.

* * *

* 1 table spoon almond oil
* 2 table spoon whole milk
* 1 table spoon honey

For homemade face wash mix all ingredients in a bowl in proportions mentioned above. Apply to skin in a circular motion for one minute. Rinse with a warm water and let your skin dry naturally. This natural homemade face wash recipe is suitable for dry skin.

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